Head Gears


1202 - AK-47 Brown-Black

Art: AI-1202



Made From 100% Cotton Woven pattern
Dimensions:      42" x 42" (107 cm x 107 cm)
Weight:      170g – 180g


Dust Protection. Cover your face on motorcycles, trucks, and chicken buses.

Sun Protection. Great for when you’re stranded in mid-day heat without shade.

Towel. Small, lightweight, fast drying, but thick enough get the job done.

Ground Cloth. Keep your butt clean & dry when sitting on the ground.

Warmth. Wrap it around your neck as a scarf to keep warm.

Bag. Put stuff in middle, tie corners together. Instant hobo sack.

Sarong. Wrap around your waist for modesty. Shorter than a normal one.

Sweat Rag. Great for hiking, running, or other sweat-inducing activities.

Arm Sling. Sprain a wrist or break an arm? Temporary immobilization.

Emergency Bandage. Help stop bleeding & protect the wound.

Pillow. Thick & soft enough to ball up & use for bus rides/camping trips.

Weapon. Twist big rock up in the middle. Swing away. Instant self-defense tool!

Concealment. Often used to hide my camera in questionable neighborhoods.

Rope. Long enough to be rolled up to tie things together.

Water Filter. Fold multiple times & filter debris out of water before boiling.

Pot Holder. Take that boiling water you just filtered off the fire.

Keeping Cool. Soak in cold water and wrap around your neck.

Signal Flag. Large enough to wave and get someone’s attention.

Blanket. Decent for covering your upper or lower body.

Eye Mask. Sleep during the day or in a hostel when lights are on.


These are only a few of the Shemagh’s many applications.








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