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Product Line :
Tactical Head Gears
Tactical - Sports - Work Gloves
Sports Wears & Accessories

Markets & Clientage :
USA, Europe, Africa, Gulf, UK

Management :

C.E.O & President
Mr. Mansoor Ahmed

Director Marketing & Sales
Mr. Mian Muhammad Asif

Executive Summary

Able Impex
was founded in Sialkot,Pakistan in 2003, On the basis of skills (specialized Cotton) gotten through decades of years, it was realized that the world’s security forces frequently using cotton made products, which urged us to offer our experience too in shape of Cotton Net and Scarves etc.

Able Impex came into being in special premises built and got ISO certification in the phase, The Factory having complete vertical production cycle.
The skilled manpower went on multiplying from the number of 5 to onward and today it has strength of more than 100 workers.

Able Impex strives to be a major contributing factor in correcting this trend and supplying quality products covered by guarantee.

We have a big vision of being the most admired and market leader in provision of quality products. Starting with smaller volume, Today Able Impex is the supplier of renowned and big brands and has got their unwavering trust.

Our staff is highly trained and skilled in ensuring the committed and quality products. We know that our staff represent our company, company policies and procedures will ensure that they are presentable, efficient and at all times ready to serve our clients. Within legal requirements, our employees precede prevailing laws.

Whilst our full products and services list can be found below, Able Impex offers a wide range of Tactical & Sports Products. We pride ourselves in providing a premium quality products, executed at the highest levels.

Business Philosophy:

At Able Impex, we aspire to deliver a prime products to our customers, as required, at a competitive market related price.

Whilst there are so many Manufacturer of Our Products, we feel that the market has left a gap for “Able Impex”. So Able Impex will fill this space by providing a total solution under one roof which can be relied upon at any time. Our dependable services are managed by Qualified, highly Skilled and experienced staff who have been highly trained in fields which are essential in the industry.

Whilst we ensure responsible use of all products, our managers have been instructed and skilled to do anything possible to ensure the satisfaction of our customers with our products.

As market leader, Able Impex becomes a greater concern to all; Able Impex is seeking new and innovative means for our clients at prices which are competitive, without sacrificing on quality. We ensure that all our staff members are highly skilled in their field; and capable to handle any situation with which they may be presented. Our primary interest is our customers’ satisfaction.

Able Impex management realizes our greatest strength and differentiator is our motivated staff, and therefore we strive to offer each and every employee opportunities to grow and learn, to further their careers in our business.

Over and above our regular Products bring a unique offering to the Tactical industry. The Able Impex After Sales (AIAS) is a group of the highest trained group of their primary responsibility is to provide back up support to our customers.

Our entire staff is trained to honor our customers, using any means necessary. They will always ensure that they abide by the law,

Prodcut Line:

  • Tactical Shemagh Scarves
  • Tactical Sniper Veil / Face Veil / Scrim Net / Body Veil
  • Tactical & Police Gloves, Sports Gloves, Mechanic’s Gloves, Fitness Gloves
  • Sports & Fitness Wears & Accessories

Our Pride:

Our pride are our customers, Able Impex is the supplier of renowned and big brands and has got their unwavering trust. Below here are some of our customers as reference,


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